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Our Team 

Phil Denny, Owner

Known by many as the King of the West Loop, Phil Denny strolls the streets of this uber-popular Chicago neighborhood with a laid back confidence like none other. 


Work hard, play harder may be his credo but Phil moves like a jungle cat when there's a deal to be made. He didn't build the west loop but he sure flipped the switch on COOL. Cool place to throw down some code during the day, strap on your gourmet-feedbag for lunch and generally reside in a wood grain-rich environment. Talkin' heavy-timber loft livin'. Cool enough? Yup.



Chang, Spiritual Guide

Peppercorn Capital's amazing success could easily be attributed to this cat. Chang could be the boss, but he's not. Phil is. Nonetheless, Chang and Phil can get freaky when it comes to sizing up a deal. If Phil's eyes are flashing dollar signs and he's got the jimmy-leg, Chang is in the house -or nearby, at the very least. 







Kumba, Worthless Administrator

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